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Asia Goubourn

Founder & President 

Asia Goubourn is the proud wife of Jason Goubourn, and a mother of 3 (Leah, Kaylah, & Joshua). With over 13 years in in ministry at Church on the Rock New Haven, she considers it a privilege to serve believers and nonbelievers alike, from all around the world by sharing the gospel and encouraging all to experience a true relationship with Christ.

In 2016, Asia made a 6-month commitment to seek the Lord, specifically about the next season of ministry in her life.  As she meditated, fasted and prayed, God begin to speak to her.  As the Lord spoke, He gave her the vision for

My Daughter’s Keeper Ministries.

MKD is a non-denominational Christian ministry that desires to equip mothers and daughters from all walks of life, with biblically sound tools needed to restore hope and bridge the spiritual gap between them.

As the founder My Daughter’s Keeper Ministries, Asia is humbled and honored to serve the Lord in this capacity.  Asia holds a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education.  She currently is an Educational Consultant and an Adjunct Professor in New York City .

Ann-Gela Hollaway

Conference Facilitator 

Ann-Gela gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 2000. Ever since, she has experienced the power of Salvation to save her soul and to heal her.  The word of God transformed her into the woman she is and is becoming today. A completely different person from the shy, miserable, girl who didn’t possess an  ounce of confidence!

Ann-Gela earned a degree in business from Albertus Magnus College and makes a living as a Business Manager for the Connecticut Technical High School System.  Yet, she makes a life by being a mother, actress, poet, writer, speaker, blogger, daughter, sister, and friend!

One of her favorite scriptures that help to keep her focused is Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible”

Genevive Walker

Conference Facilitator 

Genevive Walker was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in New Haven, Connecticut.  She attended Educational Center for the Arts and studied theater and graduated from Wilbur Cross High School and subsequently attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During her undergraduate studies, Genevive took a leave of absence to have her first daughter.  Through the support of family, she continued her studies and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Urban Studies and graduated with honors.

After a few relocations in her young adult life, one to Bradenton, Florida, and another to Long Island, New York, she then received her Master of Arts in Elementary Education at Teacher College, Columbia University in the City of New York.  

Though raised in the Catholic Church, she first experienced true worship of Jesus throughout her joyful time in the Temple University Gospel Choir.  During her short stay in Bradenton, Florida, where she gave birth to Dasia Renee Goubourn-Joyner, she gave her life to Christ in 1995. She now serves in the Sunday School ministry and XL Youth Ministry at Church on the Rock New Haven, where she has happily attended since coming back home to Connecticut in 2004.  

In 2008, Genevive was to married Adam Walker.  The two have shared and continue to share the joys and trials of raising their three children.



Our vision is that mothers and daughters will find themselves in loving, positive, and spiritually sound relationships.


We will bring our vision to reality by providing retreats, conferences, workshops, coaching, resources and materials that will be designed to strengthen the mother and daughter relationship.

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